About our youth exchange…

Doing this project I tried to get as much knowledge and exDSCN1709perience, as possible. I met different people from other countries and inquire, how do they living in their countries. Thanks of trainings I’ve got some experience in common working. I’m glad, that there is such project and appreciate for a organizers, because they done everything on a high level.

Sasha, Ukraine



I liked this project so much. I met a lot of people from different countries, open for me their culturies, learned their national dances. Thank you for this opportunity.

Kristina, Ukraine





Participating this project I’ve got a great experience about English for me and also such program helps me to do my EVS better, as much, as I can. I ‘ve found a lot of friends, with whom  I’ll continue our communication. Thanks a lot!

Lena, Ukraine





10 days in Italy were super for me. I was impressed because of communication with a different people. I learned a lot of new about their cultures, life. Thank You for a great opportunity to learn more and more, for practicing English. It was very important for me. Hope we’ll continue our communications and relationships  with friends.

Kateryna, Ukraine .


DSCN1395I was satisfied  with a project. Here I met A lot of great friends. During project I was tried to share my experience with 3 different countries. Also thanks to the different trainings I’ve learned how to cooperate with  a different people in the team. I destroyed some my stereotypes. Everything was organized on a high level, we have to do such project more.

Misha, Ukraine



This youth exchange was my first one and I don´t have much to say about it because it exceeded my expectations. It was a show of cultures, languages, countries, differences… I encourage the other European youngsters to go on this kind of adventure. I really liked it. Thanks!

Joao, Portugal


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