Youth Exchange “Young People Living in Liquid Frames” at Villa Olanda

DSCN1356This summer, life decided to put Torre Pellice on the map of visited places of 28 youngsters. The village was the center of happenings during the period of 13-22 July, where by means of workshops, activities and other forms
of informal education
we managed to dive into every sub-theme of the main one – “Young people living with liquid frames”. All of us were given the precious opportunity to learn something new, to express ourselves, to speak up, to listen to other experiences and to bring our countries closer to each other.
Unlike every other beginning in life, this one was surprisingly well and we blame it on the friendliest people ever :). We had our shy moments of course, and God knows how much trouble we went through with the names, but we managed to solve it quite quickly with the help of the name games. Even though everyone was tired from their trip, we still wanted to spend time together and get to know one another because time DSCN1202flies. Regarding the serious part our schedule was pretty tight. We were starting our days off with energizers to give us the energy needed to accomplish everything planned. Day by day we were engaging ourselves in different activities, facing different challenges. Some of them were including other people, for example the Olympics which included children from Belorussia and Italy. We were divided in teams and played different water games. Also, one more serious activity was the Storytelling with Ibrahim and Shahin, people who came in Italy looking for freedom and a better life. Besides this, we IMG_20150717_111651played simulation games such as Engineers and Derdians and Building houses. Their main purpose was to bring the people closer together and provoke the communication between them. After each and every one of these activities we had discussions in which we shared our thoughts and feelings about the dynamics of the games. Now, it´s time for the fun part!!!DSCN1351
Our lovely hosts took us on trips like hiking in the mountains which included swimming in a wonderful
, natural pool. Sure, it took a long time to get there and sure, we were dead tired, but it was worth it and we will remember it for a long time. The other trip was to Torino. It was the first time to visit the city for most of us. We had a chance to do some sight-seeing and to visit places according to our taste. Our small group visited the museum of cinema – Mole Antonelliana. It was amazing and it left us speechless! We also DSCN1711visited a café on the square and tasted some delicious Italian cake and coffee. Of course, you don´t leave Italy without some shopping, so we spent some time and money to enrich our wardrobes :).
Apart of the tasty, world famous Italian dishes that we were enjoying every day, one of the evenings we got the chance to try Indian food. It was served in a place which hosts old people and we were invited as their guests. We would also like to mention the not only the Italians have good taste for food, but they also know their beverages! 😀

While we are writing this, we are surrounded with people who are preparing for our intercultural evening which will be also our goodbye party. So, with this article we would also like to thank the organizers for being great hosts, for their patience DSCN1729and understanding and for organizing a successful project. We learned so much and made close friendships.
We hope to see you all again in the future!DSCN1740

Written by Aleksandra and Ivana from Macedonia


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