Water games and mixing cultures


One of the most powerful activities we did during the youth exchange was the game we prepared and played with the Italian and Byelorussian kids of the day summer center.

The idea was to mix people from different countries, of different ages and interests. Did it worked? I think yes: we discovered that we still like to play with water despite we are all over 18. The kids went along well with us and started to recognize us in the following days. At the end we managed to involve everybody, which I think was the main purpose of the activity.DSCN1401

I think that this has a lot to do with being European. Many countries with different interests and situations are nowadays trying to cooperate and take decisions that could fit for each of them. We all know that that politics is much more complicated than organizing games, but I think in both cases there is a good way to make it: taking care of those who need more attention and help, like the kids who were in our teams.

DSCN1393I personally loved to be connected with many others during the game and the youth exchange in general;
as I was a part of something bigger I felt I had chances to do great things.



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